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Dear Friends, as you can see in the various locations of our website we propose a wide spectrum of themes and ideas regarding the Russian reality, aimed at formative information. What we need most in order to continue our work with a high level of quality and professionalism are people that are willing to give us a hand in the different areas of production.

Although we look for professional collaboration that does not mean that you have to be already a made professional in order to work with us. If you are still studying to become a great actor, if you are publishing your first writings, if you have acquired your technical knowledge in a mainly personal matter… all these things are not as important to us as your interest in the subject and in doing something new and valuable in the field of historic documentation. The rest… you may learn on the way.

In other words: We need your help! If you are interested in one or more of the categories we propose in this section, please write to us. Let us know who you are and what you would like to do and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

History and Politics

The creation of documentaries needs very sound historic and political knowledge. Only in this way authenticity of content and the truthful presentation of facts can be assured. We are therefore interested in the collaboration with historians and political scientists. If you are passionate of the history of the 20th century, of Russian history or of some other theme that could be interesting for us, please contact us.

Research and Journalism

In the film business there is great need for people who have the ability to search for material related to a specific topic. In our mission this research focuses mainly on historic archives of film and photography and history related texts, but can also extend to the search of shooting locations, interviews with various people, personal stories and themes to study in detail etc. If you have already experience in this field or if you like to develop your journalistic capabilities, please contact us.

Writing and Script Editing

We always need authors who can write treatments and revise different kinds of texts in their mother-language in stylistic high quality. We are also looking for authors that are able to turn a treatment into a screenplay through application of dramaturgical criteria, following practical indications of our production team, such as the length of a film, the type of documentary, the material at disposition and so on. These authors should have cinematographic background. If you think you could be able to satisfy these needs and are interested, please contact us.

Artistic collaboration

A good documentary needs a good film director, somebody who understands the artistic value of a scene and has a sound dramaturgical background combined with a thorough historic and cultural knowledge. We are always searching for young, talented film directors, who are interested in the themes and formats we present in our site.

Every documentary needs a number of voices to work with. Since our documentaries will be translated in many different languages, we need a lot of voice actors with good diction.

Each film gains a great part of its value from the music and sound used to accompany the images. This is true also for documentaries. Therefore we are looking for young and talented musicians and music composers that are able to compose adequate music, following indiciations of our production team.

Often we use drawings and graphic gadgets in our films to express the right ideas to the audience. Do you like to work with computer graphics and special effects or to make expressive drawings and paintings? Then you may be the right person for us.

If you are interested in any of these works, please contact us and specify your area of interest.


Since “Father’s House – Domus Patris” is working with many people all over the world, the constant need of good translations is evident. We are looking therefore for translators from and into: Russian, English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and many other languages that have a thorough knowledge of Christian terminology and a solid humanistic, social and historic base. If you want to help us in that way, please contact us.

Material collaboration

Domus Patris has at its disposal a rich historic and actual footage and image archive. Nonetheless we don’t have always all the material we need to realize our projects. If you are in possession of valuable material like historic footage, photos, images, interviews, audio recordings or historic documents and you want to share them with us, please let us know.

Nobody can live without eating, and nobody can produce a film without money. This applies also to us… If you think our work worthwhile and would like to share our efforts to inform truly about history, without hiding “uncomfortable” realities, you may like to help us with your financial support. Also every other kind of help will be appreciated.

If you are interested to help us in this way, please contact us and specify your interest.

Marketing our products

Since the international market is immense and it is not always possible for a few persons to keep running all possible contacts, we feel the urgent need of collaborators introduced in the world of media in order to amplify our contacts with professional production studios, broadcast companies and sales companies of media-rights, which are interested in our line of products throughout the world. If you like to manage marketing letters on provision basis and would like to help us in this tasks, because you think our products are worthwhile, please contact us.

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For Working with Us...We are happy that you want to collaborate with us. In order to facilitate the contact you may write in:

    English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish or German,

and we will answer in your preferred language. Please, draw up some more information on your background and proposal for a more focused cooperation. All information will be treated confidentially.